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January 19, 2020

after » dèyè

Kids are lining up one after the other.

Timoun yo fè liy youn dèyè lòt.

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Gade Kalandriye Mo Jodi a

Creole Facts » Koze Kreyòl

50 Creole words that you already know in English

English has had a large influence on many languages, and Haitian Creole is not an exception.  The occupation by the United States (July 28, 1915 – August 1, 1934) had several significant effects on Haitian language.  Words like chany, or shoe shiner, and kannistè, or canister were introduced into the Haitian Creole language during the […]

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Adding some Creole flavor to your holiday season

Li atik sa a an kreyòl. December is finally here – which means that everyone is in a festive mood. The holiday season in Haiti is very similar to everywhere else in the world

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Count to 10 in Haitian Creole

Sak pase! In this lesson you will begin to learn how to say and use numbers in Haitian Creole. We will practice counting from zero to ten, while also working on pronunciation.

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Haitian Proverbs » Pawòl Granmoun

More » Plis

Haitian Creole


Bat chen an, tann mèt li.


Beat the dog, but wait for its master.

Byen mal pa lanmò.


Not well is not death.

Byen prese pa rive.


In a hurry will not arrive.

Byen pre pa lakay.


Being close does not mean you are home.

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