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Word of the Day » Mo Jodi a

October 20, 2020

ravish » fè dappiyanp

The bandits ravished the young girl.

Bandi yo fè dappiyanp sou jenn fi a.

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Gade Kalandriye Mo Jodi a

Creole Facts » Koze Kreyòl

Manzè Peng ak Tonton Bonkè

De (2) mo souple Two Villages, oswa 2 Bouk an kreyòl, se yon kont popilè nan peyi Botswana, nan zòn Sid Lafrik. Kont sa a montre nou enpòtans pou travay ansanm, pataje konesans, chanjman, devlopman, ak sakrifis. Kont orijinal la gen de (2) mesye ki konn fè chèz. Youn rele Rra Sephiri (ki vle di […]

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Dessalines Day: Celebrating One of Haiti’s Founding Fathers

Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the first emperor of a free Haiti, was assassinated on October 17th, 1806. Every year since, on that very same day, the people of Haiti gather to celebrate the life and accomplishments of one of the most instrumental leaders of the Haitian revolution.   Jean-Jacques Dessalines was born into slavery as Jean-Jacques Duclos […]

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Krik? Krak! : Haitian Storytelling

The warm winds of summer are on their way out as September brings in those chilly autumn breezes. For myself and many others, the crisp air calls to mind those end of summer gatherings with friends or family, huddled around a campfire for warmth, telling jokes and tall tales (or my personal favorite: riddles) while roasting marshmallows […]

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Haitian Proverbs » Pawòl Granmoun

More » Plis

Haitian Creole


Bat chen an, tann mèt li.


Beat the dog, but wait for its master.

Byen mal pa lanmò.


Not well is not death.

Byen prese pa rive.


In a hurry will not arrive.

Byen pre pa lakay.


Being close does not mean you are home.

Dictionary » Diksyonè

Haitian Creole




Kòkòwòs yon moun gen 22 zo.


The human cranium has 22 bones.


Se dangoye n ap dangoye pou n pa mouri.


We are struggling to stay alive.


Mwen refize enskri pitit mwen nan lekòl bòlè sa a.


I refuse to enroll my children in that mediocre school.


Papa m fè m kado yon aparèy foto nimerik pou fèt mwen.


My father gave me a digital camera for my birthday.

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