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April 4, 2020

nudge » chikin

Nudge over a little so I can seat.

Chikin kò w pou m ka chita.

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Gade Kalandriye Mo Jodi a

Creole Facts » Koze Kreyòl

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Uniquely Haitian: Coffee Trees

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Haitian Proverbs » Pawòl Granmoun

More » Plis

Haitian Creole


Bat chen an, tann mèt li.


Beat the dog, but wait for its master.

Byen mal pa lanmò.


Not well is not death.

Byen prese pa rive.


In a hurry will not arrive.

Byen pre pa lakay.


Being close does not mean you are home.

Dictionary » Diksyonè

Haitian Creole




Chikin kò w pou m ka chita.


Nudge over a little so I can seat.


Li toujou ap manje tchanpan. Se sa ki fè li gra konsa.

junk food

He's always eating junk food. That's why he's so fat.


M ap ba ou gabèl paske ou pi piti.


I'm giving you a headstart since you are smaller.


Papa mwen fin awoyo maten an.


my father is furious this morning.

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