Haitian Proverbs » Pawòl Granmoun

Haitian Creole


Ravèt pa janm gen rezon devan poul.

Roaches are never right when facing chickens.

Rache manyòk ou bay tè a blanch.

Uproot the manioc, and clear the land.

Responsab se chay.

To be responsible is a load.

Regle jis pa gate zanmi.

A fair deal does not spoil friendship.

Rebwè se nòs.

Drinking again is like a wedding.

Rayi chen an, men di dan li blanch.

You may hate the dog, but you must admit that its teeth are white.

Rat mode, souffle.

Rats bite then blow.

Rat konnen chat konnen barik mayi-a rete la.

The rat knows, the cat knows: the corn barrel is safe.

Rat anpil, trou pa fon.

Lots of rats, the hole is not deep.

Rann sèvis mennen chagren.

To give a hand leads to sorrow.

Rad sal lave nan fanmi.

Dirty clothes are to be washed in the family.

Rad pa janm fè moun.

Clothes do not make a person.