Dec 13, 2019

Count to 10 in Haitian Creole

Sak pase! In this lesson you will begin to learn how to say and use numbers in Haitian Creole. We will practice counting from zero to ten, while also working on pronunciation.


Haitian Creole

zero zewo
one* en
two de
three twa
four kat
five senk
six sis
seven sèt
eight wit
nine nèf
ten dis


There are more than one way to say one in Haitian Creole.

“En” is only for counting.
Example: En, De, Twa <> One, Two, Three

“Yon” is always used to modify a noun.
Example: I have one book <> Mwen gen yon liv.

“Youn” or “Yonn” is used for “one of”.
Example: I have one of the books <> Mwen gen youn nan liv yo.

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